Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finishing NIKO and Wisdom

Today was the last night of NIKO for the season...its always bitter sweet for me.  The groups of people that we have come through every year have an impact on me, every time.  Why do I continue to hike around the same stupid hills in the coastal range?  Well, its not the beautiful vistas or the pristine lakes.  On the contrary...I don't even get to dip in the cold cold lake...bummer.  I do it cause God shows up in peoples lives EVERY SINGLE TIME.  

This year I had the chance to act as the Director, which means I was where the buck stopped.  Final decisions were made through me.  If I saw something was not safe or the risk/benifit was too high...I made the call...crazy to think of.  It was more of a challenge then what I originally thought it was going to be.  Not only was I taking teams out backpacking but I was making the staff my main priority so they could give all they could to the teams. Anyways, needless to say this is why I haven't been around so much on the blog....I have been busy.

In the off times of NIKO I have been plugging away here Directing the Communications Office and making sure all of the Marketing and Advertising of YWAM Salem is going well and also that the internet stays turned on...oh yeah, also showing people how to use the Blue E on their computers...(aka. trouble shooting through

The office here has finally stepped out into more Video/Filming stuff for the base Promos...I am truly excited about what all is happening and the direction we are going here within in the last six months we have been able to purchase a Camera, Crane, and a Glide Track with all the audio that we need to create some pretty BA stuff. :)  

In fact in the next few hours I will be heading up to Washington to meet up with some of the greatest people currently in Puyallup, Washington, Jordan, Ruth, and test some of it out on my own and figure out how to use them...We had one plan but the weather kind of looks crummy up maybe something else will come out of it...all in all I will be stoked to meet this new kid on the block.

Right now is pretty exciting for me...kind of a wrap up from one season and an opening into another...

There are a handful of things I am praying about right now for the near future.  Just off the top of my head is the fact that I haven't been overseas on "outreach" in a long time.  I have two different areas that I would love to take advantage of before too long.  Brazil may be happening in the biginning of the year and the other part would be Thailand again...this time it would mainly be a film crew overseas...shooting promo and footage for the different ministries we have going on.  :)  People, this stuff makes me excited....I get to show you and the rest of the world what this Jesus Guy is doing...totally makes my job worth it. :)  Thank you to all who have been there monthly for me supporting the dreams that God has placed in my heart.  YOU.ARE.THE.BEST. 

As for other things in my life God is really challenging me to recognize the difference between Leadership and Wisdom....its not that hard what God says about it. Its all over the first few chapters of Proverbs...I think I have subconsciously placed this thing called leadership above just plain ol getting wisdom...but the thing is if I just go for wisdom...leadership will follow, no problem...weird concept huh?

One of the things I want to be in any relationship is a strong leader, and if I choose to go for that "leadership" role and not wisdom, I will fail a lot of the time.  

So, bring on the relationships.  Bring on the Wisdom.

Wow...done...that was quick....

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