Friday, October 28, 2011

Energy Dwindling...Faith Growing.

I feel like I have been going for years at this point...Good?Bad?  Good cause I love hitting my pillow everynight completely exausted...Bad because I need to take care of my body.  I type this and its almost midnight, but I know I am just going to keep typing....haha...habits.  

This last week I was able to finish my PP1 for RescueNetUS.  Quickly, its a disaster response team that tries to be on the ground within 24-48 hours after a disaster in which the country need international aid.  Essentially, I get to run in when when everyone else is running out...sounds fun but on the same token very serious.

Below is a video that I shot throughout the course and is kind of a glimps of my heart and how I want to be able to serve my anything that I am doing. Granted this is just a "We spent two weeks together where is the video of it?" sort of footage, it really shows off what is possible.   Though its 8 minutes long, enjoy.

All that to say, I have some new things I need to be saving my money for...I need to have a GO BAG specificly for when a disaster happens...that means 10 days worth of medical, food, shelter, AND camera gear.

I will be starting to support raising for that and some other projects that are coming up in the future.  RescueNet will be put into a seperate bank account so I can grab the money and buy a ticket within 24 hour departure all the gear that I need for it.

The other ones are for next year, I have a chance to go back to Brazil and build on some new Ropes Courses and then I also would like to travel over to Thailand/Burma to film some footage for YWAM Salem here....kind of a Communications Office outreach....again, these are all still in the very biginning stages of planning.  So, be praying with me.

Until next time....I have got some big news coming up....I am sure that most of you can guess what it is though....


This Photo is taken of Ciao, a fellow friend from Brazil.  Don't worry, his eye isn't really hanging out.  It was part of the sceneario for RescueNet....always a fun time!




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