Thursday, August 18, 2011

My First Go for a timelapse. Woot!


Welcome to my first attempt at creating a timelapse.  A few weeks ago I went on a little outing with the EARS course here at YWAM Salem and was able to capture this at one of our campsites near the headwaters of the Metolous River.  Beautiful, beautiful country...I loved every minute of traveling, driving, taking footage at every moment and still trying to save my batteries, all the while not knowing anything of what I was doing video wise.  I have been trying to figure out what to update on the thing for the last few weeks and every time I start I get either distracted or its just meh...I mulled through my twitter feed to find different things that I thought were pretty fun and I found some great stuff but most of it is just me stuck in an attic pulling cable for internet here at the base or me faking being a network and server administrator (Thanks Josh) 

Speaking of me administering all of this, Josh, my trusted friend, IT guy, and workhorse left a few months ago and left me to administer everything.  I don't know what I am, he and his wife have moved down to LA to work and go to school.  Josh, if your reading this, I am proud of you, you really do awesome at all you put your hands/brain to.  

So while I fake my way through knowing anything network or server wise, I also get to continue administering the YWAM Salem Website/Promos/Advertising/Marketing for the base and also a little bit of NIKO and Ropes Course is mixed in there as well....busy is an understatement.  Infact, this next week I am the Director of the NIKO...which means more then I actually thought it did...sorry Sue and Rho!  :-)  

Well, This is going to have to be it...its 2:00 in the morning and tomorrow I get to film interviews for the EARS Course and figure out how to put it all together....Good Night



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