Monday, June 20, 2011

Where has the time gone.

So much for trying to update consistantly through my TESOL...dang.

For your information I did graduate form that silly TESOL Course.  It was an awesome time of learning and streching for me.  The instructors had a lot of grace/patience/creative solutions for this guy in the long run.  I have lots of respect for all of them.  Thanks guys!  

So I was trying to remember what were some of the things that I did since TESOL and remembered why I had such a hard time remembering....I ended up breaking my Coccyx yeah, no fun at all.  You can see in the video of where I did that.  (around mark 0:52).  That little trip out to the coast was all for my friend Marcello (and madien voyage of my car WhiteLighting), he came and did a TESOL via South Africa and honestly is way smarter than most americans about the english language...he is pretty great.  

Needless to say I spent an unfortunate amount of time on my butt in pain and wished ever moment it would change.  To no avail I couldn't do anything about Coccyx was busted....sad times.

However...I was able to fly down to Colorado Springs for a Communications Confrence put on by as the Communications Director here I it was really awesome to meet so many different individuals who thought and talked like me...Get this, I even told jokes around these people I wouldn't normally say in any setting and they laughed about them...things like using comic sans for all my designs.  It truly was a great gathering of people who had the same vision and passion for seeing the kingdom come.  I think there were about 17 people there that were from bases from across the North America.  I am still going over the notes that were taken and trying to figure out how to implement all of it in to my Department...which consists of me at this point.  Hopefully that will change someday.

NIKO Season is almost here.  The first one of the season starts on the 27th of this month.  I have been out to the site to help get it ready and have even gotten poision oak!  It feels SO good.  


Well, I am going to throw some video and photos up here and head to bed...I gots work tomorrow.  Enjoy!

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  1. thanks for the update, we were starting to wonder what was going on in your life!
    sorry about your butt break. I broke mine delivering Ila, and it STILL bothers me. i hope yours is not like that!