Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tesol and my future.

Tesol finished up last week and to say the least...it was tough.  I haven't delibritly put myself throught that much pain and turmoil in a long time...My brain is so tired!  All that to say, I would do it again.  Why?  find out after the jump.  Why would I do TESOL and mess with my brain again? One simple reason I can think of off the top of my head is because I already know english (then again, I learned how much I really didn't know also.) and now I can go anywhere in the world and with lots of creativity and dedication I can teach a group of other people the langauge that I speak...I can give oppertunity, hope, and a future to an indivudual that is seemingly stuck in a hopeless situation. 


  1. Heeeeyy maaan... it's very nice that we now share the same profession... or kinda this.. haha I'd be glad to introduce you to the owner of Personal Language here in Brazil, you're the coworker Ive been looking for!! hahaha must confess our classes would be REALLY fun!

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