Monday, April 04, 2011

Teaching, Teachers and, never thought I would talk about this.

I admit it.  I am not a great teacher at all.  I don't like teaching.  I don't like the classroom setting. I don't like dumb "Activities." If I do any kind of teaching it from a script because I don't have confidence in what I am teaching, and if I do have that said confidence I still doubt in my abilities to teach it properly. 

Is this because of my teachers in the past? Did I not enjoy their teaching style so much that I don't ever want to be like them?  Why am I even in TESOL?  What can I change?  

I am kind of on the fence about the stuff...God has challenged me take this school of teaching english, and to be honest about it...I hate Teaching...and...English.  I hate both of the things that is the basis of all of this training!  The only thing that ties those things together are the people.  It's an open door for sharing the gospel and speaking Truth into peoples lives. 

I guess the style of teaching is what I have a problem with...I am ok having a conversation with someone and teaching them what I know through a classroom, ehh...not so much.  So, I find myself in a balancing act of "Learn all I can of all different teaching styles that have been tested through out the last century." or, "Teach in a my own way with no concrete direction..."  It's obviously the former is the better choice (and what I will do).  Better to have some sort of foundation then nothing at all.  But, I guess I am all up in questions about Education in General as the video above shares with you.  We are in a different day then the Intellectual Culture of Enlightenment.  

I guess I have had this on my brain the last little while.



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  1. as i told you (did i tell you???) im at college now, i didnt have enough time to watch the video, but, i added it to my favorites and im gonna take a look at it as soon as i get back home, see ya!