Saturday, April 02, 2011

From the Archive


I am sitting here cherishing the last few moments of my time in the communications office...Monday Tesol starts and I am going to be overwhelmed with homework of the English type...I still will be around to do all my work in the office but it will be limited to being studious just a few more things I need to do within 24 hours...:)  Though I have mentioned many times that I am nervous and really scared about why I am even doing this.  I will tell you that I know its something that God has said.  I have dreamed up my own ideas for why he may want me to do this, and some of those things might be true...however, He has the ultimate plan.  

Maybe this next month will be full of updates, maybe it will be completely silent I would love to do a daily blog about it but....who knows.  I may also be posting a lot of photos from the Archive.  The Archive is just a bunch of photos I haven't published yet or I haven't taken any good photos as of late.  But don't fear!  I was able to take some photos of the KDTS this last week so, I did take some good don't judge me on the process of the photos...its what people want. Thats all I am saying.  So here they are.

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