Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stuck in my office since Christmas...

If you recal a few months back or follow my twitter feed at all, you might remember that we have taken on quite a different roll here at YWAM Salems Communications started with a massive Network and Sever overhaul, and to be honest it still makes me scared. Scared for a few reasons, 1.  I am not a huge Computer Nerd.  Yeah I sit infront of a computer day in and day out sometimes (ok, a lot lately) and I think thats why people think that I am great with computers.  Frankly this is why I use a just works.  I don't have to know what a bunch of stuff just. works. So, all that to say, its been running and been much smoother then I imagined.  I have learned a few things about being a network administrator and also setting up and running a server.  Almost all of this has been done by Josh Brown (@joshuab86) the stuff I have learned has been through osmosis (aka Josh talking through the problems, and me nodding my head in confusion.)  Well, Josh is gone now.  He is on outreach with a team in India and Nepal. So, now I am stuck here as a network administrator not knowing a lick about networks....just a little scared.  This summer when we have over 400 people on base at one time wanting to use the internet....yeah....just a little scared.

So, the whole time Josh has been working on that I am have been re creating the base promo material.  I am not all the way finished with it but I am done with a good chunk of it.  Most of this is me messing around with things I am learning on tutorials online and some others are directions from the people I am designing it for.  Its been a huge learning experience, almost being locked in my office through the weeks, but now I have a good set of designs I have been able to put together.  Here are a few samples of what I have done.


In other news, I have been accepted to our upcoming TESOL...again excited and scared about this...first off, its English and Grammer....thats though enough as it is.  Second off ITS ENGLISH and Grammer!  Plus I haven't put together classrooms and lesson plans in, well, ever!  The Way that I look at it is I am doing this for a month straight...then it will get me into countries I want to go.  Its another tool in my belt of "Yeah, I can do that!"  Heres hoping!  One month of streaching my brain in areas it hasn't been used in years!  

Speaking of TESOL its going to cost me some money.  I know this is something God has laid on my heart to do and don't understand exactly why I am doing this way but I am here.  The normal price is $1000 bones.  Since I live here on the base and am already paying money for houseing the price is cut in half...that brings it to.....carry the one...$500 bones.  All that means is thats $500 bucks I don't have so I am going to be emailing and calling a lot of people to ask for some money.  This doesn't mean I think you have gobs and gobs of money I figured if I have every person on facebook give me one dollar I could have 983 dollars...just like that.  Granted not everyone who is on facebook is an actual person (business and ministries) but there is a good percentage there.  Class starts on the 4th of April and ends on the 30th I believe.  Its going to be great.

Ok...enough for now.



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