Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Year. New Students

Well, its the new year and work has been busy.  The new students have come and made themselves at home...Josh and I are working on the networking stuff and hopefully we will be done switching everything over by by the end of this next week.  I really want to commend Josh for all of his hard work.  None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for him.  I think we both had the dream, but he was able to actually make it happen...boys gots some brains.

So, since I am just talking about work apparently in this update...I have quite a job ahead of me.  Some of the leadership came to me and asked if I could go through all the base promo and re do it.  (Its got some old information on it).  Honestly I am pretty excited about this just for the simple fact that they are using me for what I want!  Crazy huh?  I need to have it done before Feb 20 and I already have some pretty good stuff inline to print.  Maybe I will be able to show you what going on when I get it all finished up.  Honestly my goal for this next month is to pick my camera up a little bit more...enough of running an office, I need to move and get moving.  People are out there with stories that I want to help them share. 


Not much for this update but its what I have.  

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