Monday, December 20, 2010

You Can't Shovel Rain...

Its been a pretty uneventful few days back here in Twin though Sunday came around and I was invited to go up to Wood River Assembly of God to see ol' friends and meet some new ones.  My Dad used to pastor at this church many years ago and to be honest, this church family has never quite disappeared...which is good.  

The morning started off pretty early at Six in the morning case we had to travel up to Hailey (75 mi away) in order to go...well, needless to say about 20 seconds after getting out of the car I had my boots on and I was clearing the walkways...It was great.I would say about 10'' to 12'' fell that morning/evening.  Mom, Dad, and I later went up to Ketchum to just walk around and re visit the city we all lived and worked in...its really hard being a tourist in your home town.  We aimlessly walked around for a few hours as Dad and I laughed at Mom for slipping all the time in her "nice" boots.

Eventually we ended up back down in Hailey at church shoveling snow and serving a Christmas Dinner to who ever walked in the doors.

All in all it was a great time up there...good to visit.


PS.  I really want to get back on the slopes.

It's Always Sunny in Sun Valley Episode 2 from Mark Oliver on Vimeo.



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