Friday, December 17, 2010



Kinda running through memory lane here in Idaho...First off I got to host Phil, Luba, and Malissa here at my house for one night...had stories running through my head of stupid stories that didn't matter.  Stories like, when I would sneak into a hotels swimming pool nights we would play "Rambo" on the streets in the middle of the summer know, things that only friends that were there understand but ones that weren't would just get tired listening to...thats what was going through my head.

So, tonight I walk into my parents house and whats on TV?  A local TV stations Christmas Celebration...well, the last few years before I left Twin Falls, I was asked to be involved in the BTS (Behind the Scenes) coverage of the evening...mainly to document the director /producer and to work onset with the whole crew taking pictures.  Tonight I got to see the last 10 years, footage of close friends singing and acting, using their talents, all of us in a transition into life.  Some of those people are now touring the US singing, others are working full time acting in NYC.

Though I come back to Twin and its can sometimes be weird going back to the same places seeing the same faces in the same seat I think I have realized that a lot has been invested not only my friends but also to me.  I really am grateful to the (The Director) for sticking his neck out and trusting his reputation on a bunch of motley kids like me and my friends.  I know I wouldn't have the experience if it wasn't without him.  By the way, if you want to hear/buy/download a few of those people you can do that here.

Thinking about doing that and where I am today...I have had the fortunate opportunity to pursue a little film (moving pictures) the last few years in Salem/Portland area I have done gaffing, rodeoing, lighting, and eventually stepping in front of the camera and doing a little acting myself. (No lines yet, but I have died a few times and even done my own stunts.)  In fact is all has been soldier/swat related...maybe cause I need a mask over my face, who knows.  


One, other thing I wanted to say was thank you to @ywamissionary he was the one that brought me all the way from Salem to Twin Falls...Good times.  Thanks Man.

By the way...I am home until the 29th and have no schedule call me.  l have this weekend booked but there are still days left to hang out.  Find me.

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