Thursday, July 08, 2010

Finding Time

The last few months I have been a little shy on the blog end...not because things aren't happening quite the opposite...lots of things are happening. But I did realize something...I like to update when things are going crazy...or at the end of one...lots of things have happened
So...last time you heard I inherited the Communications office...that transition has been a good that has required me to use some of my business skills and others patience....and mostly loss of sleep. (Gpa always said "Sleep is for the birds!") It really has been great to step into a postion that needed help on the end of finances...I don't know what this says about me....I am not good at math but understand that if the money isn't there....DON'T SPEND IT!
So a few weeks ago I finished helping with the WFR (Wilderness First Responder Course) and had another 96 hours worth of medical training for when I have teams out in the Wilderness. lots of fun stuff happened...

(Insert 1.5 week break between typing this....I am no good at this part)

Lots going on in my head right now...I have a plan...but I don't know what it is....I am tired of sitting in this office....however, I want to make it better, smoother, more self-sufficient which is going to take more of my time....I want to be able to leave and be able to take care of things....umm....remotely. My fire really burns when I am out behind the camera taking photos....sorry, not just Facebook photos but stories...I want to become a storyteller....I have been looking for a little outlet to run to and take photos...I think why I loved working at the paper so much was because I was given an assignment, I did it, and the story was told....I have been following lots of people lately online. Herber Vega, Macro Ryan and Focus for Humanity, David duChemin, Jeffrey Chapman, Tom Bourdon, Nick Onken, Gary S Chapman....just to name a handfull....I know these guys have taken a lot of work to get where they are, I want it. These guys are pure inspiration for me. You can find me late at night looking through there thing stands true in my life and every photographer out there...If your not where the story is you don't have the photos, in other words if I want to be taking these photos I need to be in the midst of them...I want to be documenting what
is happening. I can read about it, I can bring awareness to it, I can even document my side of the story about what people are doing here (in my world) about it, but I am tired of playing the part of a old piece of photographer that has been tossed out of the game because he has a back and a yes face that will do anything for you at anytime of the day or night....Life lessons here? I think so. I think the underlying point here is I NEED TO SHOOT. I am not at all disappointed with where I am right now in life, in fact I believe I have the best job in the world. I am way privileged to be and do what I am right now. I love it.

So my prayer for this next season of my life....I want excellence to everything I put my hands to. I want to finish them with not just my touch but a deeper one that can only be given my the J Man himself.
I am
done with all that now...must post pictures want to show the stuff I have been doing.

Here it is.

and GO!

Part 2 of this post is going up without any editing...just words on a screen.

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