Monday, March 22, 2010

Time is ticking away

OK....its been a few months....again.

What has been going on? Weddings, Receptions, Traveling, Work, Work, Work.

So right after I got back from New York I had the privilege to shoot Aaron and Emilys Wedding down in Bishop. What a great wedding! I know it was a while ago n0w but still you can see from the photo...a fresh blanket of snow across the valley and blue skies! So great!

After that I came home for a little while and headed down to Flordia...for Aaron and Emilys Wedding Reception. Great time down there lots of great photos and also was able to try surfing for the first time.....Yeah! Good stuff.

Fast forward a little bit and Jason calls me from Idaho and tells me I need a, I ended up going to Idaho for a few days to go hot springing! Great times! Oh, man! I spent the whole week naked snow shoeing into the hot springs...staying the night...back out and to the next hike in for another hot spring...great stuff! Loved it.

And now fast forward to now.

The last few weeks I have inherited the remains of the communications office here at the base. (The picture that has a bunch of lines and dots...this is my mouse tracks from a 12 hour period. The Dots, lunch and different times my mouse was still.) Previously I was sharing responsibilities with another person but, in the end...Josh had to leave and staff the current DTS. So, I think I am in a great phase right now...I secretly enjoy making things go faster and smoother...its been great to see things get finished and out the door to the different ministries here. Don't worry there is a flip side...I made a to do list this week currently there are 15 things on the first page....I was able to get 7 things done among everyone coming in for help with different things. Good times anyway eh?

Here are a few photos from the last few months.....I am done talking. Enjoy.

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