Thursday, September 23, 2010

Must Get Some Pictures Up!!!!

So, I am understanding quickly I can't update much if I don't have any pictures to talk here are some pictures of the last part of the summer. Lots of projects going on and lots of work....all these photos I took except one of them...the one thats of me as a soldier. Shawn Nelson capture this on the RED Camera I had the priveledge of dying on camera...something I have never done before. To be honest I really enjoyed it, hope to help out again sometime. The other photos are snapshots of my surroundings this last summer. NIKO, Hiking, and lots of Stars when laying on my back...really am priveledged to do what I do thanks guys. OK. Off to bed. The Fall DTS begins tomorrow and I have lots of pictures to take of the incoming students. I love my Job.

more to come guys and soon...I need to at least let some people out there what I am doing more then once every 6 months....Night.

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  1. Ooooooh fire poi. Stars. Mountains. Cabins. Forests. All of my favorite things. Love the photos. So fun to see you again! You can still be my friend. Even if you only drink water.