Monday, November 23, 2009

A sucessful trip so far.

Here is the team. Ro, Malissa, Josh, Ashley and Me. This is the crew out on the trip to raise awareness of human trafficking. The Documentary. The trip so far has consisted of traveling through different cities and doing interviews and some "undercover" work with my team. The cities we have been through have been as follows....Tijuana, Las Vegas, LA, and finally this morning eairly we woke up at 4:30 and drove all the way up to San Francisco, Ca....long day today...left without any food in the stomach and spent the whole day in that same fashon. Empty and tired. I get to man the cameras, lighting, and audio this week. Josh and Ashley are heading up to Seattle for thanksgiving and Ro, Malissa and I will be spending it together in Sacramento...with somebody we know through someone else. :) (This is my life and I love it. People are so kind and amazing. Just give them a chance.) If you guys have any questions on what we are doing please follow me on Twitter or check out my Facebook. I am constantly updating my Twitter just to let people know what is going on where ever I am.

Today we had the chance to interview some people who run a John outreach, people have have been convicted of "trafficking" aka. prostitution...same thing in my opinion. (though it may change by the end of this month. Who knows.) Anyways, the people who run this program are people who have been trafficked before...pretty amazing stories.

On a completely separate note. I am going to bed....its been a long day since 4:30 and I just decided to do it right got something out there tonight. Have fun with it...Night all.

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