Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mexico and

Its only been 3 days...but its felt like a week. The first day we woke up at an ungodly hour and started our trec from a Rainy Salem, Or. made our way from Oregon into California with just a little bit of snow...and all the way down to LA....forgot how long but its a nice little stretch.

After arriving in was our last real "break" we got to see some old friends from the Salem Base and reconnect over a quick little conversation before we grabbed the camera that was shipped there and headed for the border.

When we got to the base in TJ we ended up having a meeting right a way with the leadership and
interested in what we were doing on the base. (I am excited to see what God does with the different ministries they are doing.) Anyways. Meetings when we got there...just a few minutes to
regroup and talk about the meeting...and ready to jump into the next meeting about what we were doing that night....whew!

On to the first introduction to the Redlight District in TJ. Some events of the evening as follows.
Found out that I could get a few 13 yr old girls for 72hrs for just what he said started out at $500 bucks...the price went down from there.

Offered any kind of Drug that I wanted....anything...Oh, and any kind of girl.
Interviewed about some Organ harvesting among other things.

Very interesting stuff. God is really bringing more a perspective on who he is (again) in my life. Man I love Him. So good to me.

So good.

On to the Photos.

Some Lady Man Ladies

and the 3+hr interview we had yesterday.

Good stuff I love the Jman.

Night all. MTK

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