Monday, August 03, 2009

New Plans, No Plans, My Plans

Lots of photos of me on this one...I can do that cause its my blog.

Lets Go!

So, the last month ish has been exactly that...I have had a few newsletters written out...but haven't sent any of them because well, plans change. Right now my life is an ish. Normally I am ok with it but this last time it really messed with me. I was supposed to be back down in Bishop Ca to staff the DTS that is coming in....that was a 6 month chunk of time out of this next year that I had planned....not canceled. My thought on it? Its alright, I think it may have needed to happen for the dynamics of the base down there but why when I was supposed to be there...bahhh! Just saying I hope I get a Re invite...hint hint, wink wink YWAM Bishop.

So I have been back in Salem now for 2 months...ok, ish. I have been over to YWAM Wyoming to work with them and their
Niko for a few we
eks. That was a lot of fun being over there. I had to shave my face into a foo man cho
o just to be accepted by the wrangler toten cowboys over have no idea what I had to go through...22oz steak, sleeping in a nice cabin, that was just for the first night...the rest of it was NIKO which with this whole year in consideration...I actually sleep better on my Thermarest then I do anywhere else...includin
g my own bed at home...I love my life.

So, if you guys still follow my blog at all and know what my next step is...let me know I would love to hear from you.

Now just a few photos....enjoy, its been a while.

So, just going through the photos of the last few weeks I have found quite of few of me...and I am not always the one taking, this time you get to see some of what I am doing...weekends, workdays, everyday. I'll try and explain the photos...

So this was my 4th of July...and 5th...I was able to go Climbing with Jouni, Mari, and Petra. Fins and Germans...later on we met up with England and another German...the English guy g
ave me a beer and said hap
py Forth of July from England! Nice.

The nap was much needed...this is what happens when its really hot outside and you don't chase the shade at Smith Rock. want to sleep. Great day though..
.we ended up climbing late into the evening...thats when we met the other guys.

The next day was at a friends wedding..I wasn't shooting it but sometimes I just can't help just happens. I told myself I was not going to take very man
y pictures...I only took about 200...not much.

Then flower was taken in Wyoming when I was there working with NIKO...isn't it just purdy?

Ok, enough for
ybe I
will update it again tomorrow...that would be weird...

Night all, or morning where ever you are.


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  1. The new e-greeting for salutations is Good Mornevita, that way you're saying "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", "Good Evening", and "Good Night" as well as "Good Day" and there are a minimum of letters used so it isn't so incredibly long as saying all of those things in your blogs, and e-newsletters and what have you.
    By the way, great update. I hope you get some time for some candid missionarial outreach opportunities soon. Peace, brother.