Friday, June 05, 2009


I made it. I made it back to Salem alive and in one piece. The last 9 months of my life have been spent living out of my backpack. Do I love it? YES. Just thinking back I have had experiences with Brazilian SWAT teams, stayed in sketchy hotel rooms in un-known cities in Brazil, been welcomed in by multiple families in Brazil, built a Ropes Course, God provided a ride from Reno Nv. to Bishop Ca...soo cool, backpacked with a team of people in the Eastern Sierras, shot a movie for YWAM Bishop, learned a lot about mountaineering, glisaded 2,500 ft down a coular on my butt, compleated a WFR (recertification) been caught in a lightning/hail/sleet/wind storm on the 3rd pitch of a route at Smith Rock. (that was just 2 days ago!) we bailed on that one, almost got hypothermia....

The coolest thing about all this is I have been able to invest every single day into someones life. Honestly, I have been more blessed to be able to meet and hang out with such great people and partner and do some much fun.

So I want to make this one a really quick post...with some sweet it is. First photo is in Bishop (this is where we had the lecture part of the course....the bottom is me climbing in Bishop. We had one day off within the 200 some odd hours we worked so climbing comes in handy...




  1. nice, very nice.
    Thanks for the subtle hint on Twitter!
    You crazyman.

  2. Ryan,
    Happened to check up on your blag today and!!! Wow! You've been busy.
    Cool to see you living out your dream and your call!

    Just wanted to invite you to stop by youth group at 1st AG next time you're in Twin.
    We had an awsome time last time you were with us.
    Just thought we'd love to hear some stories and do some team building stuff again!

    Let me know...

    Pastor Paul

  3. Hey man! Sounds like you've been up to all kinds of goodness. Hope you're loving life! You're awesome! Lova ya'

  4. lol that's the Ryan i know. and recently he dressed up as a homeless guy and drenched himself in beer...
    ... for a youth group