Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The beginning of this month I had the oppertunity to leave the base and go on a mobile trip with 5 other people Megan, Brittany, Ruthie, Andrew, Luke and I.  Already, we have  seen a lot of cool things happen, things that we prayed for before we left are happening, people are being really receptive, and I am getting to live out what I have dreamed of...This morning I got to speak in front of a a middle school class here in California and challenged them to make a difference where they are at now in their the first few minutes of it was just a little slide show going on in the background and all the kids were ewwing and awing...kind of cool.  It killed the time :) I had about 10 or 15 minutes, so it was much needed.  

Anyway, I am on the road for a whole month and I just confirmed today that I will be going to Mexico for about 2 days to work along side a youth group that wants us to show them how to do the evangelism side of things.

Today was the first day I feel like I ended up getting some decent photos of everyone...even though they are still just talking in front of people.  There must be a way to spice these photos up a little in order to make it more exciting....maybe not.  We will be having "ministry" time more in the future so I'll get some action shots of them all working.

Anyways, If you (who ever reads this) would like to pray for a few things on this trip.  Here are a few things.

  • Pray that the things we share and show will continue to motivate the people we speak to.  That it won't be just a passing thing but a transforming thing.
  • driving...oh, and good gas miledge.  We are driving a White Chevy 15 Passenger
  • More on the team dynamics...creativeness. 
I am really working with a great team and am excited to see exactly what is going to happen.

I don't have any photos right now on this computer...but as soon as I do I'll put up some photos.  I think that this is officially the second time I have posted something without any photos....I feel like I am not doing you justice...sorry.  

So be blessed and if your reading this and your in the LA area....we have about 5 days I think where we don't know where we are staying...its going to be great to see how God pulls through.

Be blesssed. 


  1. We are getting out there, what about you??? LA is not the Ship...
    Blessings man, our time has come, one more week!!! Are you coming???

  2. Clover11:49 AM

    business is no excuse not to update unger!

    I have been waiting for soooooo long

  3. Hi Ryan,

    Very cool website you have here. It's amazing to hear about the doors that God is opening up for you to minister to young people all over the place.

    Anyway, you commented on one of my blogs like 6 months ago. I tried to email you this evening, but it didn't go through. I would like to hear more about your life as a photographer and missionary.

    Many blessings,
    Jess <><