Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Now for a real post.

Ok so I admit...I was a little tired on the last post...what, three weeks ago. When its early in the morning it just struck me funny.

So whats been going on to make me so busy... just for starters. WFR is going on. If you don't remember what the WFR is check out my last post here. Just this time I am on the other side of the notes...thank the Lord. I am pretty confident that none of the students are going to find this by Thursday- Saturday. So pretty much what I have been doing is setting up a few different catastrophic scenes. The first one started on Monday, I went to the local airport and picked up the body of an Airplane...good times. I remember last year. Second, I will be involved in turning a van on its side down a ravine. that will be lots of fun...I have always wanted to flip a car. Then there is going to be an earthquake and a class 5 hurricane...all in a few hours. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is when that is going on.

Among other things. I am getting some ideas together for the Freedom Project here at the base. I kind of view it as a (inter)national Marketing Campaign to stop Human Trafficking. I have quite a few great ideas already in the works towards that...a lot of the stuff I am coming up with deals with a large budget...which, we all know I am not on that end of the spectrum. Maybe someday though. So Chase Jarvis, if you read this you should email me and we could talk about ideas....thats a good idea.

So, I am getting restless...I need to move. Go. Document.

So whats the J man been doing in my life lately...He is challenging me to go to be by 12...at the latest...its after that right now. Anyway, its really tough. I guess thats good though.

I guess since I am at it. Another video...I think this video really speaks into the generations coming up and also the way business are going to be run in the future...its kind of interesting.

Now for the photo. It was shot last week for the project mentioned above...but this wasn't one of my concepts...mine are a little more confusing on the lighting end....I think.

Anyways, enjoy.

Until next time.


  1. Can I call you this week?

  2. C-lover11:59 AM

    its been almost a full month there unger! when are you planning on feeding my curiosity about my friend life. Can you please help a pregnant women out?!