Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A little Over Due

Well. It happened, 2 months just got away from me and I am left here trying to recap every thing that I did. Right now I am sitting in the Boise Airport just about ready to embark on another wedding...One more of my friends getting hitched...Go Andrew. Anyways, the time that I left you I was just beginning a month long mobile trip down to California and Mexico. Here is an example of some of the things that I did for the "marketing" for this trip. I will say I had a great person to work with in the photos and design process, fun stuff. Over all that experience was really great just to go and speak with people and try to motivate them to do something for God, and build relationships with different churches that we have been to was kind of cool to see us as a group go from talking about doing something productive (like serving other people)to just serving people. It was great to see how God worked.

So I have other stroies about that trip but frankly...that was a month ago...And I am still one month behind.

When I got back from that trip in California a day later I was in a vehicle driving up to Spokane, Wa. for a Ropes Course Training for a TRAC Camp that I am on the Leadership Board with. Good times there.

Ok Now I am back in Salem and my next stop is Staffing a NIKO...I am 3 minutes late for the bus...drove out to the NIKO Site and had an interesting time with Jr. High Students from a local Mennonite Church here in the Valley...Good times.

Got back from that and ended up doing a little bit of work for NIKO and going to Manditory meetings for a Royal Family Kids Camp that I would be a counselor at, at a later date. Plus Building and Training for this TRAC Camp...little busy.

Next I shot Mel and Sammys Wedding at the base. Thats when I found out that I had broken one of my lenses...So I got to rent the lens I have been saving up for. Nikon 17-55 2.8 Only 1400 bucks.

Weddings done at 2 in the morning and 10 the next morning I am on my way to church packed and ready to go for a week long kids camp through my church for Foster Kids who have been abused and neglected...Lets just say it was at that point in church when I sat there and realized I haven't taken a day off to relax since the first of tired. Not a good way to start a Kids Camp. Well, I had fun there. One morning I woke up at 3 and had to bring a child back to his bed....good times.

And now. I just got back from this camp last Saturday and right as I drive on base I am reminded that I have kitchen duties for that day....(they had updated the schedule when I was gone) I was told not to worry about it today but I could cover whoever had it on first official day off. It wasn't a bad thing I actually enjoyed getting back in the kitchen for a little while.

So I sat in my office the last two days and tidied up a little bit. Made a few books and edited Photos from the last wedding I shot and all of a sudden I am sitting here in Boise, Idaho waiting for my ride to get here and am up dating this thing...all I have to say is its about time. Geez.

As always enjoy the photos...I hope to make a few more these next few days.


  1. Ryan, sounds like you are living life to the full! Blessings to you brother. Keep stepping off of that zip line platform. God is there and he is trustworthy! Would love to get a chance to talk- I'll try your email address on yahoo.
    Keith V.W.

  2. Glad to see something up here. I've been wondering what's been up with you. Hey we should talk sometime! Share stories about what God's doing

  3. Love the little Salem dts "ads"... well done... as always!! : )And you did Mel's photos-- dying to see them! Bless you friend!!