Saturday, December 22, 2007

Leaving...again...for Vegas.

This photo is one of my personal favorites from Prague. It was something I saw and actually ended up conveying at least in the photo "look".
I don't know why it happens every time. But its going to be 3:00 in the AM by the time that we leave. At least. thats the goal. Why do we force ourselves to drive in the middle of the night EVERY single time. As ol' Johnny put it, "my bags are pack'd I'm ready to go." You know I even have my passport on me just in case I need to leave the country...that would be nice right about now.
The last few days I have been laying low doing some different things I have needed to do for a while...and just plain old wasting time. Its been nice. But its time to change. I have that hunger inside to go and document. I really need to run...with my dream. Its time. The horn has sounded and its time to get moving.
Maybe this time in Vegas will be different. Maybe I can go do something for my photography. Do something that I want. I am not sure what it is, landscape is nice...everyone has landscapes of Vegas. Family portraits are nice...those only go so far. I don't know what it is but maybe I can document something important. Not just another trip. I looked at photos from Christianity Today coming from fueled more of the fire. I want to GO.
Well, I am going to Vegas tonight. Maybe something will happen this next week. Lets see.


  1. Well, that's too bad -- I just got into town; I was hoping to catch you before you left. Well, maybe next time!

  2. Anonymous6:07 PM


    So many times, as my grandfather put it, We get old too fast and smart too late. Follow your dreams because just like sleeping dreams we wake up too soon and "IT'S OVER". If you can live life to the fullest! Love more and laugh more often and let the Lord lead you. Just Go for it! Noble Lion

  3. this entry is brilliant Ryan. (although "do you want to be freeee?" tickled my fancy quite a bit) you should take more pictures that would nearly put me out of a job as a mobilizer. Have I told you my idea of having a mobile tour that we somehow don't do any talking? Instead of a 10 point sermon we would let other people's stories and pictures do the talking/mobilizing.
    anyhow, I'll see ya around the Salem bubble in a few weeks. Until then, Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!