Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A few Changes

So just for the record the bottom 2 photos aren't the best...but they sure are funny...(Do you want to be freeeee.) You have to say it with an Elvis touch. Oh, and your thumbs down. By the way its Jason. A guy I work with.

I have been home for a few days now and if I haven't called you I am sorry. Things have been a little hectic. There have been a few changes around this place...some for good and some for, not as good. As I mentioned in my last post I have really been wanting to figure out a way I could attract more people to my site and get them more engaged in what I am doing. My supporters, friends, random people. (If you fit into any of these categories thanks for coming by.)
So the apparent changes are obvious. I got a new header...look up, I have updated my side panel look over there --> and somewhere else over there I added a news reel of sorts, different topics that I look into that may or may not catch your eye. Also I will be adding...I am kind of ashamed to admit this. Google Ads. I figured I might as well try and add some revenue to this site for 2 reason.

1.) I need it.
2.) Blogger is a great service to let other people know what I am doing. I am sure they benefit from it in some way and they don't charge.

So I feel as though I am now prostituting myself out there with Google names everywhere. But. Oh well. As far as I know you didn't come here as a refuge to relieve stress of advertising...I don't think.

Please, if anyone has any advice on making this site better I am all ears, or I mean eyes, or maybe fingers seeing how I am typing right now. The more advice that I have the better.

Here is my deal. I want to be more consistent in updating this thing so you know what is going on in my life. (I say you like someone reads this.) My life being in missions...as a photographer and also updating about random things. I have realized that just like running a business I also need to figure out what my focus is going to be. Is this thing going to be strictly a photo blog where I post about the process of the photos? Is it going to be about updating my supporters and friends on what goes on every day in my life? I like the optimistic view of a healthy balance. There has to be. Well more to come later. I have to get to bed now. Night.


  1. Clover4:27 PM

    You whore....

  2. hmmm.. nice. I think it's a great idea.

  3. I had not checked out your blog in sometime, but seen your comment on Keith's and ran over here to see what is up. Another idea may be an RSS feed, so that people can subscribe, thus not 'forgetting' to check your site for something new. We get about 50-70 hits a day and would totally add you to our links (which are frequented). If you are cool with that? Blessings as you live your dream.

  4. Hey Ryguy!
    I think I check your blog more often than you write on it. I really like checking out the ads that Google posts here. Especially the ones that seem to be completely unrelated. A hotel in Zanzibar was linked. They had a cool blog about a guy that met some Italian ladies at the hotel and went SCUBA diving with them.
    Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I think it's totally great to have Google linked to your webpage. That was a good move, and a great way to subtley make a few dollas on the side. I'm just glad that the ads don't take away from the ambience of your webpage.
    I'll see if I can get some links to your webpage out there somewhere.
    Take care bro. You're quite a guy. A Ryguy, if you don't mind me saying so...