Monday, December 10, 2007

1:30 can't sleep

So I am laying in bed tonight after spending a day packing...(waisting time) because I am moving here in...2 days. I am going back to Idaho for about a month to do a little support raising and thoughts are just running through my brain. Lots of thoughts. How am I going to get around when I am over there. Currently I am really used to my bike and I would love to take it over there but I don't see checking it as luggage at the airport. I am also thinking of how can let more people know about what I am doing here at the base. (Warning: I have hit support raising mode.) I know this blog goes all over the world...I have seen the statistics. But, its only to one or 2 people a day...and one of those people is me. I want to share with people whats going on over where I am and also share pictures but if no one visits then its kind of pointless. I don't know what I am going to do but I need to kind of market myself. One way, that I have seen is from my friend Mike he sends out emails whenever he updates. I like it when he does that...maybe I'll try it. Another way is to give valuable information kind of like this guy. I know I visit his site ever day multiple times, because he has such great information coming out of it. Granted, he has an audience I am sure is hitting over a million with many more each day but he also has a direct focus...
How can I get a message out to my friends and family of how I am doing and also direct it towards my goal in life right now (forever) Missions Photography. How can I use this blog as a tool to have missionaries find me to document what they are doing? I guess I'll be emailing this guy to pick his brain a little.
Another thought. Tomorrow I have a meeting at 1:30 to talk about frontier missions...I think thats what its called. They had a meeting a few weeks before I was supposed to go to Sudan and I actually stumbled upon the meeting. The conversation was directed towards taking care of the full time missionaries that "we" as YWAM Salem have out there right now. I didn't know this but we have a full time team in Tanzania right now! Who are these people and why don't I know about them? I guess its the problem with this beast we call YWAM. People get forgotten. Period. Its always been something with me to, "Not just take pictures, but to put the camera down and affect the people that I am with at the time." To get my hands dirty and build relationships. I want to do a little of that for these people that I document out in the "field" (What is that anyways? Where is that?) to do a little...I think its officially called Pastoral Care. My terms would be to make sure anything and everything is done to help out the missionaries.
Other thoughts are what is going to happen when I get home. My phone doesn't work anymore. Partly my fault for not checking my voice mail. The people who pay for the phone left a message that I got hours before it went out of service to give them a call. So, I either meet up with them before I leave and who knows what? Or, I make a phone call to them to see what the deal is. Another thing when I get home is I can't be lazy about raising support. I have to meet with people.
Just a few more things I promise.
When I get back here I have no idea what is going on. I was supposed to be leaving for Asia...Uhh I hate this. 3 or 4 major trips have been set up this year to go take pictures and all of them have fallen through. I hate saying I will go somewhere and eventually go somewhere else. That happened this summer. I was supposed to go to Sudan...didn't get enough money to go but, someone gave me a certain amount of money which I took as money for Sudan. Where does the money go then?
I also have no idea what this next year has in store for me. Jeff really wants me to do Ropes again. Jason really wants me to be in communications/out taking photos. I love working with people on the course and investing what I have learned/learning in my life with them about teamwork. I love seeing people over come their "I cant's" and realizing they can and they are worth something. And the teams that I have been on have always been the best. I love the connection that I have with Jeff. On the flip side...I want to go out and document. Someone told me this last week that they have heard me for 2 years now...(thats how long its been!) talking about what I want to do. He said he is tired of seeing me around the base and wants to see me out there. Why don't I just go! Get out of here? It has been 2 years. (He meant all of this in the nicest way) Jason wants to see me out there running after my dreams/taking on new ones. Chris and I have been talking for a long time now about all of this. When is all going to happen? Its got to be soon. I hope.

Its 2:43 right now I have to upload some photos to this blog other wise it will be naked. The first one is in Prague, the other one is my last night in Berlin. Good times and Good night.

Expect a mass email every time I update.

Be Blessed.

Ok now I am tired...up at 6:00!


  1. Yep you have to get out there, we need you telling the World who we are and what are we doing to change this World bringing others to the Light!!!
    Blessings my friend!!
    Your Grandma was here, did you see her??

  2. Just our pic on profile...

  3. Hey Ryan, This is John Paul at
    do you have an email address that I could get? I have a little bit bigger of an email to send

  4. Anointed Rebel12:49 PM

    You ought to send your stuff to! They are always looking for good stories and photos. You could get your blogspot on your tagline - boom - WORLDWIDE!!