Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back by popular demand

I have kind of hit a busy time here at the base trying to balance the Ropes Course and Communications at the same time. Its not working very well. But, a lot has happened here with in the last few weeks since April. Sorry its been so long.

I think I am going to start this off with some activities that occured just to wind down, to relax, to DESTROY!

Sounds fun huh?

Dave (my roomate) and I were hanging out one night at our house and a few nights prior I had recieved a pinata at a friends bachlor party. Well, the night was young and we had already broken in to the candy after a few days and I felt the need to "get rid of" the English looking soccer player. So. Some how (don't ask me) this litlle guy ended up outside covered, and I mean COVERED in White Gas, then all of a sudden it was ingulfed in flames! I swear I could hear some laughter off in the distance.

After all the evedence was distroyed I found a chair that needed to go to the got about 12 chunks...

Man it felt good.


  1. was dave asleep when you stabbed the chair? it sure looks like it! i'm glad you guys are having fun ;)

  2. What have I gotten myself into...