Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Rising!! (I think I am back)

So yeah, its been a few months. I know I am sorry. I have worked a lot on Ropes...Shot a few weddings...have a chance to go to Sudan, but the window is closing quickly and I am a little sad about that.

I did take some photos the other day (ok a month or so back) of smoke! Really cool stuff.


  1. sssmokin'!

    love the bluepurplish on white!

  2. Those are awesome.
    Hey, I'll wave as we sort of pass your part of town. We're going to Montana for some iDTS thing this week. Should be good. Will talk when I get back maybe?

  3. C.Kinney4:16 PM

    I thought you were back? Why do i feel like I am always waiting for you! hahaha... it's funny cuz it's true.