Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trying this out.

So I have been trying to find ways to raise more support. And so I thought that I would put a donation button up there at the top. Kind of geeky right now but it will do for now. It currently donates to YWAM Salem but I am going to change that around so it goes through them, to me. Anyways, sorry for not posting anything as of late. My computer is not doing so well. It is feeling its age and wants to scare me because I don't have a back up for it. I really need to update all of my equipment. So if any of you want to donate to that cause you can try out my new button that I put up there. :) I am looking for a Nikon D200 and a Macbook Pro 15in. Just to put it out there. I could really use them. Well. Until further notice I am still "offline" and out of touch (my phone dosen't work here either). This picture was taken earilier this last year on top of a 5 pitch climbing route at Smith Rock. Blake is the one in the picture. I hope your doing good Blake. I think about you often.

Well, as quoted by Red (from the red green show) "Keep your stick on the ice."


  1. I really do read your blogs, Ryan! And not just when you tell me to. By the way, my dad loves the red green show.

  2. Ryan. I love your blog. and the Red Green show as well...haha. But hey, remember you have to call me when you get back into Twin, we will go hit some 9a's and some 10c's...(I suck again, so you have to go easy on me!) Love you man! God bless...

    ~David Aaron

    P.S. If I had any money, or an extra D200 I would give it to you, but you know that. Oh yea add me to your skype email: