Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ask and it shall...

I purchased ticket to fly down here to Nashville and from there I was going to fly directly to Portland. Well, after I purchased my ticket I had a few different meetings with people and other supporters and quickly realized that I should be staying for a few more weeks so I can continue support raising. I started thinking that I should have thought about the flight there and back a little bit better. It sounded great at the time. It will still work just fine. Then Jeff (ropes course) called me up and said that I would be smart if I had sufficient support before I come back on staff. Agreeable. So I decided to investigate into changing my ticket to fly from Nashville to Boise so I could continue support raising. One small problem. That takes money. I didn't know what I was disappearing to do. I knew if I stayed in Salem I would start working my tail off and wouldn't have any time to "support raise".

I leave on my flight to Nashville and had an hour layover in Chicago. As we were boarding the lady asks if anyone wanted to give up their seat for a lady so she could travel with her family. I offered and in return she gave me a free round trip voucher anywhere within continental US along with a confirmed flight at 4:00 later that evening, 2.5 hrs later. Ok, I can handle this. God is totally hooking me up. I just got a flight from Portland to Boise AND back!! Man God really knows how to hook a bratha up! I love it.

I kind of experienced something that I had learned this last summer with God telling me take a step out and trust him. I learned that God has all of these blessing for you to grab a hold of and they come in all different ways. Money, cloths, food, a place to sleep, or even a green light. I don't know, how does God bless you?

So if God is an apple tree and the apples are his blessings how am I as a farmer going to get those blessings?...now you can get all philosophical on me but the answer is, I have to reach out a grab a hold of that blessing, but it goes a step further then that, to really experience Gods goodness and to "taste and see he is good" I have to bring that apple up to my mouth and bite down and experience his blessings.
In the airport I could have just sat there on the bench listening that there was a free ticket they were handing out. But I choose to walk over there and offer my seat. There had to be action for me to receive a blessing. What if we are all one action away from receiving something from God?? I know there are many ways you can go about arguing this but what if those actions are actions of faith?? Will God still be faithful enough to bless when you stick your neck out for him?? I think so. Just a few thoughts. I wanted to share that story with who ever reads my blog. I thought it was kind of cool. Well, enjoy the pictures of Caleb again…I am getting a lot of stuff from him.

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  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Or maybe it´s the act of emailing a prospective client when they ask you to because you really need the money and they´re preparing to go to great lengths to give you more than they have in order to give you what you deserve, even when your computer is down since it is the 21st century and there is even internet in the Peruvian jungles and villages in Alaska.

    Just a thought.