Monday, February 12, 2007

More pictures to come I promise...(Gross is that leprosy!!)

So I am sitting here at the airport in San Francisco. The last time I was in this area I was heading back to Twin to take pictures of Adam and Steps wedding. Just over 1 year ago I was on a plane. Not exactly but I can say that I have been consistently traveling for a whole year now…I do kind of feel accomplished. Like I have done something. Like I am doing something. I am mentioned it before to people but I love to fly…just the experience of going through security in a rush, panicking, worrying whether or not your going to make your flight (not that I experience that at all. I have only had one close call this last year…actually more cancellations and delays, but that’s been ok so far in my travels. I haven’t had really any Pressing deadline flights to make they have all been kind of stress free (for me at least).

Side note. A flight just came in from somewhere and EVERYONE was baked like a lobster. I laugh! HA! (We are so vain)

Anyways, I guess what was trying to say is God really knows how to bless me. Just by stepping on a plane and taking off landing meeting people where ever I go, being that annoing person on the flight that tries to make conversation and just try to be friendly to everyone that I come in contact with. I LOVE IT!
Today at PDX I was sitting there after they canceled my flight and I was waiting I looked up and saw a familiar face in the crowd of people. One of the leaders on the base was flying if from San Fran and she stopped and chatted with me for a few minutes. I really was the best.

On a separate note: Last night (the 8th) I was hanging out with Jen and she took hours and hours out of her schedule of sleep and helped me in my procrastination of sending out some of my support letters. She had already spent a whole day at work, waking up at an ungodly hour and she helped me finish off the letters. Thanks.

So I have had a question come up in my life. I have been asking myself lately (as of last night…thanks Jen). Why do I think that I am going to make such a great missionary? I don’t know what makes or breaks a missionary. I don’t even know the personality traits of a missionary. Why do I think that I am going to make a difference? I handed in THE paper to be a full time volunteer at the base, pretty much sealed the deal. I am in it and I don’t want to back out. Paul writes in the Bible to the Phil 4 the famous verse about I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…I think that is v.11. but before that he talks about being content. That’s one of the things that I have found in my life is I try to be content in everything in plenty and in nothing. I really try to be happy where ever my life takes me in whatever situation I am put in. I can hear people already saying that I take that too far to where I seem emotionless. I don’t know how to explain it but I really am just content with the “things” in my life.
I was walking down a road with Mindy this summer and as we were walking by the houses I looked at them, and one after another, each one had the same red deck, the same hot tub, the same trampoline, the same barbeque. I thought to myself. I would love to have all of this stuff in this house! That would be great, the American dream! I then thought about my age and how I should have a few kids by now with a white picket fence and I could be chillin out in my house with my slippers on in my Lazyboy all the while my wife cooks food for our family. You know I actually see myself a little more content sleeping on a red dirt floor that stains my skin because I am so sweaty after a long day working out in the sun or busy taking pictures working under a deadline to get images of the environment that I am in so things could change in that culture...for Christ.
On the flipside, I guess I am not really content at all with where this world is (here and overseas) or where I see my peers. I want to continue pushing and challenging the people that I am in contact with everyday. Push them to be something better then what they ever dreamed they could be.

I am not quite sure how to wrap this up. Its been a long time since I have updated. I just typed up a lot of info and different random stuff. I think I’ll have more later but until then...

To explain the picture...I went hiking Sunday evening with a friend and well to put it in laymans terms...OUCH! Blisters on both heels same size and pain. How ever I did have a great time and I'll be talking about that time here soon.


  1. You need new boots.

    Hey, when are you going to be back in my area?

  2. I think it's leprosy personally.

    At first I thought it was your big toe, and that you had lost your toe nail and that was the bloody remnant which remained. An oozing pustule of throbbing pain to constantly remind you of how much better it is to have a toe nail for all eternity.

    I think you'll be a radical missionary. I don't mean radical like starting a Christian Taliban either, I mean like totally awesome. But only because of your attitude towards Christ, not because of anything you do.
    Just kidding, you're awesome too.

  3. That looks like a stump of a hand and a