Monday, January 15, 2007

Just my last few days.

I am currently in "Nashville” aka, Adamsville, TN. and I am taking pictures of my friend Caleb...Thus far I can say I am having a wonderful time. I have met a lot of people and gotten a lot of great images. I have always loved working (photographing) Caleb because he knows what he wants in a picture and he knows how to get it. He is a great photographer himself and should take more pictures...but those are my own thoughts.
So I was talking to Mindy on Skype today and the thought crossed my mind of, "How did a person like Caleb and a person like me end up becoming such great friends?" I look up to Caleb a lot. He has great determination, very self-motivated, nothing holds him back, and is an honest to goodness nomad. (I am talking about the guy on the right in the picture in the car...I know) He is always continuing to see Gods blessings and providence in his life. Oh...and his musical skills (not just voice and piano) are amazing as well. I mean, I am glad he is doing it instead of me, I am sure others are glad he is also. No, he is great!

So I have found that the south has many...hearts...I thought I was in the heart of the south when I was working in Kentucky with Denny, but now I feel like I am back somewhere near the heart...I am not sure. But, it’s great to be somewhere where I am not familiar. I love just the different cultures of America. A walk down the street here and you'll find Big Hair, Big rings, and Foo Man Choos, with a side of mullet...Good stuff. Anyways, I have had a great time being here and hopefully I'll be able to meet up with a few of my other friends that are down here.

Until next time.

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