Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tisk The Season???

I don't know about this whole Christmas thing...Still don't...This last week I spent a few days with my Aunts and Uncles down here in Vegas, and to my knowledge I have finnaly entered "adulthood" According to my Aunt Fran I am old enough to talk about "things you do after your married" I must say, it took me almost 25 years to get to that point and it has been a challenge. Anyways, Christmas! I spent a few months...Ok I lie. Days...no Hours, shopping with my Aunt this last week and I must say, WOW! I caught up on all of my shopping for the next 6 years just by going with her. I don't know how people handle "hanging out" at the mall. We had a fun and interesting time with here though. She is just like my mother...(I think to myself,"Maybe I should stop here?) or the other way around. :) Very loving, kind, considerate, spacy, and just plain off the wall. It was very interesting seeing the things that I knew would get a reaction out of Mom get a reaction out of Fran, Good times. (By the way mom, I had the chance to chase Fran around a store with a wheel chair.) SOOO CHRISTMAS! All I have to say about it is nothing has changed from last year or the years before. It is still Rediculous! There that is what I wanted to say!! (was it really that hard??)
This week however has been really nice. I was able to help around the house raking together leaves (just to have them blow off the tree onto the lawn) and just do different things for the people here for example I got to Stand infront of a grocery store and ring a bell for an hour or so. It was a great experence. I started out just ringing the bell but after about 20 seconds of that I got bored! I began a beat with the bell and then muting the bell on one of the counts...that was fun for a while. Then I started Dancing to the music in my head just groovin', then it started the few days I spent the previous week with Sterling and Jaffe in LA paid off...I started bustn' out my own lyrics! I don't know what I was saying but I just kept on going! I was great! Alot of people gave into the bucket. I am glad I was able to put a nervous smile onto peoples faces right before they went into the store and then a relaxed laughter when they watched me dance and make a fool out of myself. Again, Good Times.
And then Last but not least I will be heading home here on Wed. I believe. I will be leaving in Mom and Dads new car and driving it up to them. Which I am glad they are getting another car. It will be better for them. I am in kind of a delema here though. I would love to go down to Phoniex and see my brother but he hasn't been answering his phone. I would love to go hang out for a few days down there and just be able to see how he is doing. I would totally spend a few extra dollars (thats all I have!) just to see him. Anyways, on the way home I am looking at going a different way home. Instead of going the "normal" way by just getting on 93 and heading North. I think I might get on the road and head up through Zion National Park and test out my Sleeping Bag. I wish it was a little colder but I don't have ALL of my camping gear with me at the moment and so I don't feel quite comfortable doing any snow camping. But at least I'll be able to go car camping for a night and hopefully take some pretty cool picures. I still have to decide, I don't want to do it if the roads are going to be really bad. I'll find out I guess when I get to the fork in the road.
I was also going to mention that I went to the Dam down here and I think I got some decent tourist pictures. Oh and by the way (willy) part of the reason I like this lens is because I can take a picture of me without really aiming to get me in the picture...its much eaiser. And also Mindy. I am sorry I am not wearing the hat you asked for with the flaps down, it slipped my mind and I am sorry. I should just do a photoshoot in Zion with that hat on just for you. I hope all is well with you in Germany by the way. I will miss talking to you on Skype when I get back to the land of Potatos.
Well, now for sleep, I get to speak tomorrow night at a college group. It should be alot of fun, I am excited for it.

Peace Out.

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  1. Or maybe you could do a photoshoot in Zion with JUST your hat with flaps on.