Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I am going through Zion and up to TWIN FALLS!

Hello to all of those out there in cyber I just sound like a geek. Just to let people know I am going to go up through Vegas to Zion National Park, Salt Lake and then Twin Falls...If these plans change Someone will know. By the way, all of you that are worried about me camping tonight don't I won't go very far from my car...also I have a wonderfull opportunity to "Star Gaze" all by my lonesome. There a meteor shower tonight near the constalation Gemini I hope to get some decent pictures along the way. OK I think that it. I'll see ya later.

Now about the picture...I DIDN'T TAKE IT! I did however find it on the internet and was wanting to get a consensus about what people thought of this picture. I have my own thoughts about it but I want to hear yours...DON'T HATE ME FOR THIS.



  1. I think its funny in a weird, sacreligious way. I think Jesus would laugh -- I have a hard time believing that He'd be so egotistical as to be insulted by this.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!! This picture is SO funny. I wish I would have though of it. I bet God laughed. I did.

  3. I didn't know people could be crucified in other positions than the "Y"

    It makes me think of Y Jesus died, so I like it too, I guess.
    At first I thought it was odd that they other participants weren't only in their undies though too.
    Now THAT would have been a good shot.

  4. God know's He's got some really stupid, stupid, ignorant idiot humans on His hands, so I guess He considers the source. If you look at it from a human perspective, it can be funny I guess, but if you look at it from a Father's point of view, it's F'd up. What if you had a son, who was your only son whom you loved more than life itself, you watched die an unimaginable excruciating death when he didn't have to so that someone elses kid could live, and all you get out of it is people making a mockery of your only son's sacrifice? What if God didn't have Grace, but vengeance, how many people do you think would be left to laugh and make fun of His Son's sacrifice for a second time? Sometimes there's a price to pay for humor.
    Anyway dude, you know me. Those are my thoughts? What are your thoughts?