Thursday, December 07, 2006

30 Buttons to talk to a human.

So I have been looking, praying, saving, and looking for a new camera to back up my Nikon D70, which by the way is a wonderfull, faithfull, reliable camera. I haven't had my camera cleaned (other then what I can do) or serviced since I purshased it almost 3 years ago. It is a great camera. The problem with digital cameras though is once you buy one it depreciates immediately just like a car once you drive it off the lot. But here I am in the middle of a camera rat race. If it were back in the film days and I bought a $2000.00 camera it would still be a camera that I would be able to shoot with for the rest of my life, and it would still produce the highest quality pictures that it did the first day I bought it. And it would still compete with the "newer" film cameras. (Digital Cameras do the same quality but I think you get my point...).
NOW for the point of my post here...(sorry to put this on you like this). Since I am in the market for a New Camera I have been searching for one and as of tonight I found one on ebay for a great price. So I check my accounts and (knowing I wasn't going to have enough money to purchase the camera) I came across THIS!! What is THIS! I know I have spent over what I have in my bank account once or twice, but THIS!! I promise you I AM NOT THIS STUPID. I did a little investigating and apparently I have been charged an APPLE IPOD from AMAZON.COM, one that I never even looked at purchasing! So here I am with an outragous bill that I didn't even create myself. Now all the money that I have been saving might have to go towards this ridiculous charge from What am I going to do! THIS SUCKS!
I guess one of the cool things that happened through this is I (re)found this website. I had learned about it a few years ago but never had a use for it...untill now. It's a database of companies phone numbers and the numbers you have to push in order to talk to a human, It's a wonderfull database very usefull and time saving.
Oh and I also found a camera that I would almost be able to purchase (which made me check my account.) And through all of that I was able to check my account and I will be able to take care of this situation quickly!

Anyways, I have spent the last few days here in Lost Wages...or I mean Las Vegas, and it has been very relaxing so far tomorrow I start working on a few things around the house. It will be fun. It will be nice. So here are a few pictures from O.R. In Thailand. Have fun...

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  1. Sounds like you had a little of what we call "identity theft". I hope the situation got thoroughly resolved because if it didn't, there might be more trouble ahead.