Friday, December 01, 2006



have had one or two photoshoots this last week. One of which has taken me to LA. (Carlsbad) and I had a wonderfull time. It was wonderfull learning from one of the greats! Before I got down there I asked Chris to come and shoot the wedding and help me out. Well, he taught me alot, gave me alot of encouragement, taught me alot, and taught me alot. I should have a few pics up this time.
My two worlds collided though. All my friends in Salem, and just 2 of my friends from Twin Falls. It was great, lots of stories that were told and alot of times of me thinking how much ALL of my friends would enjoy each other. It was alot of fun.

The last few days I have been here in LA right in the heart of Hollywood. It has been a wonderfull experience. I have had many wonderfull conversations. And strangely its all been a great experience. One of the things I am learning/experienceing right now is to take advantage of the situations that are placed before you. I was faced with a decision to leave early, I decided to stay for just a few days and it has been great. The conversations on the bus, subway, coffee shops, hooka bars to just go to the bathroom. I really experienced Gods faithfullness this week just by wandering around and going "sight seeing" (I really don't know what I was looking at just because I don't really pay attention to this choice.) I was thinking earlier this week if I was "supposed" to be here and to be honest I could be making better use of my time for support raising but just this experience alone of "always being ready to give an answer" has really been true in my life. I think how I got to this result was just being in a totally differant culture walking the streets with "scary people" and putting myself in situations (like beginning a conversation with strangers.) to where God can speak to a person.
Last week I listened to a sermon by some guy (its a famous sermon). The sermons name was "Ten Shekels and a Shirt" It taught me that I souldn't be going to other distant lands just becasue God called me, or because its fun and a different experience. My soul purpose for doing this is to give God the He can be glorified. Because that why he created me was to glorify Him. And if what I am doing isn't what he would have, I am not loving him.
This last week I have been able to share God with people at (what seemes to be) the end of their rope, I have been able to share God with people at/in buses and train stops, I have had many many oppertunities to just let God speak...great times.

SO my next stop is Las Vegas. Mom and Dad are getting a car from down there and I am going to head back to Twin Falls for a few more days. I will also be speaking in my Aunt and Uncles Church there so I am excited to share with them what is going on in my life. It shoud be good. Oh by the way I found a ticked on line at for 50 bucks great website.

Sorry for the long post but there are a few extra pics on there from my week. Also I don't want to forget another thing I did this last week with my friend Jaqu...thats comming up next.


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    What's with all of the fisheye distortion? I assume you're intending it. I suppose it's just a bit unsettling one after the other like that.

    I have some new stuff up on my flickr page. You should check it out and leave me some comments when you get a chance.


  2. I am still in the honeymoon stage of the lens...I love it.