Tuesday, December 05, 2006

On the Rooowww-aaaddd (Again)

So I was going to post some pictures of the last few days of my time here in LA but I have decided to postpone that untill some time later...maybe never if I feel like it. Anyways, I was just wanting to let people know that check my blog that I am flying out of here tomorrow at 4 something (I am not sure...Hopefully I get there in time) :) I am heading to Vegas to pick up my parents car and drive it home this next weekend sometime. I talked with my Uncle and I'll be able to speak in the church on Sunday for at least a few minutes. I am sure this one will go better then the first time I spoke in Church at Christian Center...God really pulled through on that one (and he will do the same here aswell.) So the pictures you see weren't any time this week but just some random photos of this last summer of picures of me and others. So enjoy and I'll get back to this sometime this week. See ya.


  1. That fireworks shot is pretty damn sweet.

  2. Anonymous4:13 PM

    My favorite pic you posted is with that other guy with a beard. You two are totally HOT!

  3. This isn't Trent is it....humm, just wondering.