Friday, October 27, 2006

Lights a Muck

I have been over here in Salem for a few days now and it has been really nice being able to work at the Ropes Course, keep my mind off of things and be able to help people out in their lives. I am in kind of a weird transitions in my life right now. Making a decsion that I know will change my life...good times. Anyways, I think Jeff has been happy with me being back here to at least help out with what I can on the Ropes Course. It has deffanetly been a blessing to me. I will be comming home here in a few days then leaving to LA, then Salem, then Twin. So I have alot of traveling ahead of me. Good times though. I like to travel...that means more pictures. My Camera is my passenger...but its my camera that takes me places...huh? Interesting. Ok enough deep thoughts for now I need to go to bed. Here are a few pictures that I had on my computer that I wanted to show everyone who looks at my page. If anyone still looks at all. I am not the best at communication which will have to change really, really quick if I want to continue what I am doing. Speaking of which this blog will hopefully become more of a update on my ministry and life together so I can share with everyone what is going on with my ministry...more to come. Thanks for reading and looking.


  1. Hey Ryan, good stuff.
    Sometimes I don't post, I'll admit it. I find that reading what you write, despite your inability to spell, is helpful in reflecting on my own life. Except different. You're a real pal. I hope that you remember that God can change anything he wants in your life as long as you're intently following Him. So don't get too bogged (or blogged) down with trying to figure it all out right now. I'm in the same spot, with trying to decide on what to do after I graduate, but I just can't afford to try and figure it all out for myself. God's better at knowing how to work all things together for good. I think it has something to do with His omniscience or something.

  2. I read every so often. It's neat to see God working in your life. I also really like your pictures. So you're doing something for YWAM right? Some sort of photo journalism thing?