Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Now my thumb is starting to hurt...

Well, for those who don't know I am now BACK in Twin. Just for a little while though. I have been here for a few weeks and have had the oppertunity to sit on my thumb and do nothing. And I have made the decision that I am going to take the plunge into a crazy world of paying people to work and paying people to take pictures. Yah, thats right I am going to become one of those people...writing letters...sending pictures...taking more pictures...I am going to become a full time...ambassador. Yah, I like that. Much better than the other word...anyways, I am in the process of making my decision of where and what I am going to do. This week I want to meet with some people to talk about things, where I am going, what I want to do, how I can get there, things like that. But, who knows. I have been able to meet with some great people this last week of being home, show them some pictures, talk to them about where I want to go. But, its also had its drawbacks of being here, realizing I am going to be leaving for good, and not comming back...kind of sad for the people that don't think I have emotions but, I am looking forward to what lies ahead. I have noticed as I am writing this that I love to talk/type with alot of ... I don't know why I do it... but I guess it always seems that its never a full thought for me at least, always a continuation from the last...ok, enough of that, that almost sounded intelegent (its a good thing I know how to spell that).

Well, here are a few pictures that I have found lately of differant things. Some of me, some of the things I did this past year. The people I have enjoyed doing this with. Whatever. Enjoy.

By the way, I really want to post more on here I just get lazy and don't do it. So, like I said in the last few posts. "Hopefully I'll be updateing a little more."


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