Monday, May 22, 2006

Now in Pattaya

We have been here for a few days now and I am really TIRED of shopping. I can understand once in a week but not twice-Three times a day! Now that thats over. We are all having a good time here in Pattaya, the first few days we were given the freedom to make our own scheduals and figure out what ministries to do when we are here...Well that all changed on Sunday, which is cool we all get to work together as a whole team rather than split apart. I think on Wed we wake up early and watch the Sun rise, which will be cool. I am getting a lot of great head shots of alot of the children that we visit. There has been talk of me making a "calender" of sorts of the faces of Thailand and selling them for support or something. I don't know yet. I am really excited about getting more images in my portfolio though. Last week I met a man from the Philipins he is a fellow photog he was on another team shooting for JREV (Jesus Revalution). well come to find out he and I have the same dream with photography which is really encouraging. Anyways, I had better get some pics on here before I have to go.

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  1. Hey Ryan Didnt know you wrote something about me...I am touched. It's still the same passion for me...hoping to see God's hand at work all around the world. My D200 is pretty beat up including my 18-50 f2.8 Sigma but by God's grace it's still clicking...My d70 is still alive had a new lease on life when i had the shutter motor replaced. Praying and hoping for a d700...and a 24-70 f2.8...soon. I am shooting for a humanitarian org called Operation Blessing we do Medical Missions in hard to reach, war torn and depressed areas around the Phils. you could check out some of my photos on Facebook. Just want to encourage you to keep shooting. I too was inspired by our short encounter in felt really good that somewhere on the other side of the world was a guy with the same passion. God Bless you much bro! Shalom!