Saturday, July 01, 2006

As many of you have guessed...

I am no longer in Thailand! I have been home for quite a while now been back to Twin Falls and started working with Ropes Course on the 20th and have been aving a great time...I really haven't started working yet but it seems but I have learned a plethera of information that has been good.

I had a great time going home. It all started with rock climbing at Smith Rock great the end of the day everyone wanted to go home but I decided to hitch hike home. Yes! I started to walk from Bend Or. to Twin Falls Idaho. I only got about 35 miles out of Bend before I got picked up from a bus full of hippies. Lets just say it was awesome I had a great time. They were a band on tour and had an extra bunk just for me. It was great. When I got home I spent a few days with Michelle and my parents and then just came back here on the 20th. I was a lot of fun.

Since I have been back I hardly feel like I have been able to work at all. We worked for one day then went on a retreat at the Christian Renewal Center. That was mainly a time for us to get to know the people that we were going to work with this summer. After a night or so there, we worked for another 2-3 days and I left for a NIKO. A leadership building ministry through the Base here in Salem. It was great time of learning about my leadership with in a group of people out in the wilderness. It was a great time. And with that that brings me to now. This whole time I have been reading a book called The 5 disfunctions of a Team by some dude and we finished it this week and the ropes course is taking time off to have another retreat. I am in Seaside Or. now sending this out from a house right on the beach. We have been here only a few hours and it has been a time to remember.

Well I think this has been long enough I'll let you guys go. Hope I can get more stuff out here now that I have some internet connection.


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