Thursday, May 04, 2006

I I am in the Middle of Mae Sot right now emailing you from my computer on my Powerbook (man I love Mac!!) All I had to do was plug it into the computer and I was good to go! Go Apple! Anyways, Thats not important! These last few days have been great! I should have a picture of my room up here soon (the next time I get access) but for now this is what I have.
The last few days have been spent mixing cement and laying a floor for a school that we have been teaching English at aswell. Obviously my back looked like it needed the most working out but I pulled through. Its not like I've never worked in 104 degree weather with 85% humdity (wait a second...I haven't). No, I have had a really good time working with my hands and making everything look perfect (these kids go to school and sleep on the same floor.) I made sure to make it extra smooth. :). We are currently working with Burma Refugees. The children mainly. they are really eager to learn. More than I was! I guess thats good though. I have been able to play a few games that I have learned over the last month working at Ropes Coarse with some of the kids (I was woundering why I stayed an extra month in Salem.) All of the kids had a wonderfull time. I think when they have smiles and screaming that is a good thing. Speaking about Burma the picture of the boy in the boat was taken on the border of burma and Mae Sot We floated in between both guard houses. Very interesting! Well,
Our Open air time is going really well last night I met a man that was a believer in a small village and he kissed mine and Troys neck, and an elderly lady wiped her tears with my arm! Really cool! The other pictures are once of a woman working a Bull (I think I want to wrestle it) and the other is the sunrise right off my balcony from my room. Good stuff! Well I have to Go I'll see all of you later


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