Sunday, January 15, 2006

Meet Kim Youn Soo

Youn Soo is a volunteer here at YWAM and is here in America to learn English. He came only knowing a few phrases and just within a week he is able to carry on a conversation very elementary conversation. I look up to him for this never being in America and learning English by full submerging. He is a worship leader back in Korea and wants to be a math major. Anyway, he came to church with me Sunday and really enjoyed church, worship was good. Even though I can't remember anything he tells me in his language it is a pleasure watching him learn and succeed in his grammar. Maybe I can learn a thing or two.
Well goodnight. Until next time.


  1. Hey Ryan,

    I've been enjoying the pictures. Really good stuff. I'm glad to hear everything is going well down there in Oregonland.

  2. Clover May7:43 PM

    Hey, sour chilli, I'm so proud of your writing! You've done well grasshoppa. Keep on keepin on. Lifes a garden dig it. by the way your pictures are amazing.