Monday, January 16, 2006

Well this was my weekend Saturday morning a group of us went onto the ropes coarse and built a stronger team. Yes, I thought the same thing. Hebrew Slaves in Egypt. But no thats not it we are towing the person up about 3 stories and they pull a ripcord and they swing out over the hill. This picture wasn't taken by me (of coarse) but by the end of the next few weeks here I should have some more pictures of the ropes coarse and of the BASE (I should have those tomorrow.) Today was a very eventfull day (in the classroom). I will speak more on it in days to come. Untill then. Good night.

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  1. Clover May9:36 PM

    Steph was sitting next to me when i looked at this picture and she stopped and goes..."HEY THAT'S RYAN! what is he doin?" we miss you. but it looks like your productive up in the backwoods of oregon... hey i have like 12 friends that would love to be there... in oregon.. with their kind.