Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Too late for Christmas but its up anyway.

This is a blog post that I thought had posted a few days before Christmas....well, here it is after Christmas and just now posting. Enjoy

If you haven't noticed my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook lately, I am on the road again.  This time I am in the Middle East...of the US of A.  Missouri to be exact.  Things worked out to where I will be at Urbana just after Christmas representing YWAM Salem to about 16,000 students who want to work somehow, someway in missions. I get to offer a glimpe of what YWAM has to offer those that dream of seeing His Kingdom come.  What an amazing life this is...I have really come to enjoy the last few months of what I have been doing...lost of traveling and lots of inspiring people to listen to what God is saying in their lives.  So good.

Reflecting on some other blog posts I have written the last few months, its great to see exactly how Gods hand is moving in my life.  I have really seen this come to life recently....

But spring is here. New things are planted in the spring time. New challenges are accepted. I am expecting to use muscles that I haven't used in years on this trip. Things I haven't prayed out or had the guts to say before I will do. Pray for things I never imagined praying for will happen in the coming weeks. I am stoked for this new time of life. This birthing of new and old dreams coming true, to finally fight not in someone else's armor but my own.

I am using muscles that I haven't used in years...I am praying things out that I have been scared to say in the past and I am learning that I have to pour in before I can pour out.  I need to be constant in my devotion and sensitivity to what the Holy Spirit is saying...I can't just skate by and do it when I know is right. 

One other thing I am learning is its time to rest.  I don't feel like resting at all right now cause I have some pretty crazy things going on in the next few months that need and draw my attention but I need to rest...I need some restoration....this is tough for me.  It has only been three days and I am fighting not resting...not putting aside my work, my worries, my headaches and truly leaning in and trusting God with all of my heart (and my time)  The funny thing about restoration is this....

It doesn't need doing.  Strictly speaking, life carries on without it.  Restoration is an invasion of sorts.  Its fixing something that's broken, but broken so long it's almost mended.  

The Rest of God by Mark Bucannen.

This is where I have to trust God in how and what he is saying. I have to trust this Great Surgeon under the knife and let him take away the things that I have allowed to build up around my heart, mind, and actions of my everyday life....but I have the past I can learn from...I wanted to grow...I did grow...I wanted to learn...I did...I wanted to live life trusting him...I have spent 7 years of doing just that but look at where I am and what I am still doing (being in YWAM) I didn't think I was going to make it past the first month of DTS when I came over here from Idaho...look at that...crazy. Humm.

So here is to a life of trusting. Join me? 

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