Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back in the Saddle (Part 3)

Jeff and I have worked together for a long time.  During my DTS when I didn't have the funds to go on outreach he is the one who came to the leadership and fought for me to stay and work with him for my completion of my DTS.  He is also the one who immediately took me under his wing and allowed me to dream big but told me I couldn't do it on my own. Jeff is the best example that I know of that trains and disciple people in their leadership skills and see them become something they never thought possible. Jeff can spend just a few minutes with someone and be able to pinpoint strenghs and give examples and ideas on how to hone in on that and make the person doesn't always work that least for me he would always find something that I didn't want to work on and would bring it up all the time.  

This is the 4th country I have been with Jeff to working on Ropes Course stuff and each time has been awesome...

When I was working down there I heard some suttle complements on how much I have grown (not just my belly) and matured.  It's hearing things like that from people like Jeff who I look up to and respect that make me go forward.  Jeff understands the power of words and that they can bring life or death.

So in my consistant thoughts of I could be better at__________ (reading my bible everyday, praing, whatever...ect) I learned that there is growth in my life even if I don't think there is....

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