Saturday, June 09, 2012

Back in the Saddle (Part 2)


Do what God says...

Its simple, right?  Last  year I did a Tesol.  I learned a lot in the short, painful month of reliving my education...I struggled so much...but I know it was something that God had said.  I didn't know why but he wanted me to do it at all but Of course a lot of the training that I had in the classroom easily translated when I was down in Brazil.  It was almost scary how much of that training I used...not officially in a classroom but in my conversations everyday and in my own personal learning of Portugeese.  

I was able to spend a few hours translating (I wasn't doing the translaing) from the tribes language into Portugees...I think I had maybe one english sound that was helpful in for the translation of the Bible....totally worth it. I realized then (again) that God really does have this whole thing figured out and it didn't suprise him that I was in the middle of the Jungle in Brazil filming/living/translating/serving/praying for the people there that they might see just a tiny glimpse of who this Jesus Fellow is....I have said it before...I love my job.

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