Friday, December 25, 2009

New York Tomorrow Hopefully!

So, a few pictures before I head to New York. I am not really sure when or where I will be able to update my blog….I am sure I can find free wireless in New York no problem….Just want to do these photos before I leave.

Christmas was a good one. Its the 25th and things are winding down. It seems we went from party to party to party here in Port Orchard area and kept on eating and eating. Good thing I am almost en-route to New York….who knows what I am going to be eating over there :) (its only 2 weeks mom….) Anyways Josh and Ashley's family were great and want to say thank you very much for letting me crash your house over Christmas.

So What do I know about New York so far? What are my plans? Well….I don’t know. I do know that my flight leaves tomorrow night at 2240 from Seattle with United. (thanks for the free ticket btw) and I am routed through DC….if I have any luck at all I am hoping to have horrible weather and long layovers...I would love to see our nations capital in the middle of the night and take some pretty sweet photos...and maybe another free ticket in there if possible United...thanks. Then from there its to JFK in the morning….

On to some of my goals for this trip. (In my opinion the most important part of this trip….) Since I have no agenda and no plans on this trip at all I kind of get to fly by the seat of my pants...I like doing this, thus doing my Job….Ministry. I am stoked to see what God has for this trip….I have found when I become a person who looks for all kinds of opportunities to speak life in to people I want to do that...this last year has been a lot of that. When Jesus has someone to say yes cool things can happen. I am positive more stories will come from this...I look forward to this.

Another thing...Photography. Yeah go figure, right? Me taking pictures. So a while ago I was “inspired” by Zack Arias to do a little project that he talks about over on his blog about talking to people and getting better photos from that. It may come as a surprise but I really hate walking up to people and asking them if I can take their photo. It just seems weird to me. So, this will explain kind of what I want to do...another side project I want to do is have a question or stamp on my trigger finger and ask people to read what is written o then I would take their picture when they stick their face right in the camera...gunna try it Karsten...might as well.

Goal 3...I am going to try and see a Broadway show. I know that costs money but you can be sure I am going to try and get in somehow maybe I can help backstage….or something...We’ll see what happens...any suggestions of what I should see? I have no idea so I am all ears.

Then other then that I am game for almost anything...and if your in town. Call me. You should be able to find my number somehow...or email me and I’ll find you.

Now for the photos

The First one is me on the train for the first time in the States...Second. the Skyline over one of the bridges in PDX

And just more shots of the trip up from Salem to Tacoma for the holidays...Well, good night..


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