Monday, December 14, 2009

Home At Last! Home At Last! Dear God Almighty I am HOME AT LAST!

Wait, what am I thinking? I am only here for a few hours...

We made it home to Salem last night just in time for church the next day and this morning (the 14th) we leave again for a small road trip up to Portland. Just a few more interviews and we are done with that part.

Some thoughts on the Canada part of the trip....

Canada, is Beautiful! Dood. Amazing. I wasn't even able to even look around the city but I could see the Mountains from everywhere....freekin sweet. Must go back if not just for photos..and snowboarding...and backpacking....and climbing....and some other stuff that would be really cool. Really cool stuff.

and....Melissa, the girl on the street. We first saw Melissa on the street corner dancing, "showing off" and well, we stopped. I wanted to at least talk to her, maybe film her for the story. All we could do is ask.
So, we walked up to here...very seedy block (obviously) and we happened to meet behind a school bus, there were some people selling things on the sidewalks some guys walking by, and I said hello.

This isn't the first prostitute I have ever talked to...this is however one of the first times I have went out and "looked" for a prostitute. Completely different from saying "No Thanks" I actually wanted to talk to her.

Everything went on like a normal know, Hey I saw you on the corner back there....blah blah blah....somewhere in the middle of that conversation I introduced myself, and shook her hand, thanked her for letting us talk to her even though we didn't have a toke or want her for her "services".

Getting back into the car we went over what just happened out there...the adrenaline rush that we just had....talking to another human being. It was said in the conversation that when I reached out and introdced myself and gave her my hand it became a point of humanizing her...putting a name, face, voice, smell, touch to this otherwise "thing" that I would never in my life be seen around. Melissa. Ratty long blond hair, Short skirt with a blanket draped around her in the -4c, white high heels and she is just bairly taller then my chest. Cold hands shaking my warm hands. Willing to do anything for $5 dollars....just for her next fix.

Humans...think about it. People who feel, look, think, just like you. Humans who are just like us.

It was also weird to talk about how each of us felt just in the simple act of talking to Melissa. Everyone knew (assumed) why we were there. They though we were there for sex. This was normal for that area...Just thinking about the judgment that was passed on not just to the girl, but to me...It was then when I wondered about all the judgment that Jesus got when he would hang out with the prostitutes...what people thought of him and the guilt for the "appearance of evil."

Crazy stuff if you ask me. Honestly, I love my life. Way over privileged and I really thank God for everything I get to do. Its really great to work with a team of people as we're running down the street and mid stride we are having an audable conversation almost yelling at God....GOD BE WITH US RIGHT NOW...PLEASE! Such good stuff.

Its late and I need sleep...farewell.

The photos are both in Seattle on the Ferry....which one? Not sure.

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  1. You sir, are a great writer. Loved the pictures and they way you conveyed Malissa's story. You make my home town look beautiful.