Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bishop Ca.

So in my last post I mentioned I was going to be in Bishop Ca. Well, that is where I am at right now. I really enjoy it down here. I have some great friends that love to dream, act on those dreams, and run with them. The Base here is going the a huge transition and a few people will be leaving/going on sabbatical...but, God is Still good.
The backpacking that I was able to help out with was with a school just outside of LA. 61 students and 5 days out in the back country. Let me tell you how excited I was to be tromping around in these places...So beautiful, amazing photos, great times. Let me back up a little and share about getting down here this time.

Erik picked me up from the airport and we left from there and went straight to Yosmite (we had to drive through there to get to Squoia) This was my first time ever in yosmite and Erik wanted to go climbing. Who was I to argue...I just happened to have my climbing stuff also. (this is my job) Anyways. we stayed a dreadfully cold night in his car, woke up with frost on the inside of his Subaru and drove to the trailhead in the park...then started the apporach to Cathedral Peak. We had chosen to climb a 5.6 mulitpitch Trad route. click here for a picture of it. (not my picture) unfortunally I didn't bring my camera and the the one we did have died right on the peak...looking down on 5 lakes with a colorful sunset...bahhh! Oh well. next time.

The next day I got to drive through the valley and most of what I was thinking was getting on the Big Walls around there..I guess you have to be a real climber to hang out in the valley...maybe someday. The other half of me was thinking this is where John Muir and Ansel Adams would hang out hiking around or taking off to Sequoia National Forrest.

When we got there we ended up having Staff Orientation and then Aaron and I hiked off into the mtns over to Twin Peaks. This is where he and I were stationed for the next few days, taking teams up and down this peak...tied into ropes and hanging out inches away from a few hundred foot drop. So good. I have some pictures.

Its so good when people (of all ages) gets pushed into something completely uncomfortable its at that moment when you can speak life into their lives and really impact people.

One of our days on the peak consisted of waking up at six and finishing the day at almost 10:00 in the evening...long day but soo good.

After all the kids left the staff went to the local resort and debriefed everything and then stayed the tub, buffet and beds...soo good.

Well....the it is...I have many more photos to share....but it is currently 4 in the morn....g'night!

Bishops first Snow this good.

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