Thursday, April 09, 2009

A quick updated with photos!

So, I can say this has been THE most strenuous and physically demanding photo shoot I have had in my entire life thus far.

Let me back up
just a little bit and
tell you how I got here...kind of a long story but I will shorten it up....But, thank you so much all of you who were part of this...God is in you!

Twin Falls, I need to so
me how make it down to Bishop Ca on the 24th ish of March. One of my friends was leaving to go work overseas and asked if they could help any by flying me as close as possible to bishop on the
ir flight miles! Of course I said
yes it would at least get me halfway there! So, Vegas here I come! I was able to visit family and friends down there for a few days and it was an amazing time just to relax and get some much needed work this time I am still trying to figure out how I am am going t
o get to Reno 8 hrs North, to catch THE only bus that runs into Bishop...So,
I get on Craigslist to find a rideshare and come to find out one of my uncles friends was driving there the day that I needed! Check! 8 hrs in the truck what a great time! Really it was fun, great conversation! Just watch out for the alie
ns in the Nevada Desert! I needed a place to stay that night
ht and then be dropped off at the airport in Reno on that Wed. to catch the bus...Ended up getting in contact
with some old friends that are pastoring a church in Reno, they let me crash on their floor for the evening...wha
t a wonderful time catching up and actually seeing where life takes people! God has some amazing stories! Next afternoon to the airport in Reno to catch the bus...I showed up 1.5 hrs early to make sure everything was good...come to find out the lady that I talked to told 3 other people that the bus was running that day and it never showed up! So, here I am stuck in Reno! I looked into renting a car...but couldn't cause non of the car companies had any extra or they don't service one ways to Bishop. Great! So let me give you a picture....I have all my luggage with me...backpacking, climbing, camera and nothing extra...I had
been wearing the same cloths for a few days and my uncle gave me a shirt that was too small on him. SO. I ended up asking ever
yone going through Reno if they were heading in the direction of Bishop, just so I could get a way down there! After almost 4.5 hours of asking people if they were going I almost gave up and was about to call my contacts from the night b
efore, or get a hotel room...the last half hour was me just telling myself "just one more person" Finally that one more person paid off. A lady and 2 other people were standing waiting for their luggage I rolled up there with my little luggage cart way overfilled and asked if they were heading down to Bishop...No (again) then the lady asks why I need to be down there...told them about the photo shoot and the situation that I was in, she ended up calling her house sitter and asked him is he wanted to drive
down to Bishop Ca tonight she mentioned YWAM and he said YES. The lady brought me to her house set me in front of her TV with some Sparkeling Water....and I wait...45 minutes pass and I am still all by myself in her home! What a trusting woman! God is soo good! (By the way March Madness was on so I was happy) Finally my ride gets there and we picked up another car with friend and we were on the road, heading to Bishop Ca. Finally! Amazing time driving down there with these guys in the middle of the night. We ended up pulling into Bishop at around 11 at night...and they turned around and went back! I wanted to pay them but they wouldn't have it at all! God answered a lot of dreams that night mine and theirs! Mine was a ride, theirs was to help someone out!

So Now I am in Bishop for a few weeks and we did some Mountaineering, and ended up climbing close to 13,000 ft. Never in my life have I wanted to quite so bad....I just couldn't breath going up the steep mountain! But, I am so glad I kept on me the pay off was amazing...I have some pictures of it. It was a good summit/pass.

Unfortuanaly one of the staff ended up getting sick and we had to cancel the rest of the trip...we were out 5 days....I think, and we had 3 more to go. I ended up doing some things like learning how to Self Arrest and build snow caves and a bunch of different things, such a great time.

Anyways, I need to get going but tomorrow we head out to Death Valley to go Desert Canyoneering. We will be hiking for 1.5 days to the top of a canyon...Rappel down to the river and continue getting out of the canyon...a total of 13 Rappel stations! Some places will be up to our neck in water! and I have to keep all my gear Dry! Ha! This is going to be awesome! So.

The photos...


  1. That was an awesome story ryguy!
    I hope you continue your amazing journey. It looked like all the pictures were of you!
    I really liked that first one, but shouldn't Michael have a basketball when he's flying through the air? Photoshop one in, and then send the picture to Nike to see if they're interested in using it for some new promotional stuff!
    It sounds like God is using you to keep people's hearts soft, and their eyes open to His work.

  2. Rebeca Ferreira7:11 PM

    Ryan... i´m here just to tell you:I MISS YOU AND I LOVE YOU!!

    you remember me?? REBECA your litlle sister, you meet in january in JOCUM!!

    send a email to me

    kisses big beard
    God bless you

  3. you used STRENUOUS in your text!!! hahahahaha I hadn't seen before asking you that day... hahahaha

  4. Hey buddy. That sounds like a lot of good times. Miss ya already. Keep on going! Love ya man.