Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Day in Bishop Ca

Today as of right now...when I post this...I will be doing one of the hardest thing ever in my life...I will be heading out with me and my camera to document a little school here in Bishop called SOAR...look it up under YWAM Bishop. We will be spending 8 days out in the Mtns outside Bishop Ca and one of these days we will summit at 14,000 ft. Lots of snow in this area. Great times! I really am looking forward to it but really covet your is going to be exausting...last time I weighed my bag it was 73 lbs...or 33.1 Kg. It will be an experience that I wont soon forget. After that we will be going into the desert to do some exercises out there. Well, its past 1:30 in the morn...and I kind of need my good sleep...Ciao.

The Pictures are some from my time at home last snowshoeing, same thing.



  1. Hey Unger I found you! dude Good pictures


  2. Enjoy the hike. This of it this way, some people walk around their whole adult life with 75 extra pounds. So don't be a wuss, it's only for 8 days!
    Keep up the good pics, too.